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New Safari Features In macOS Monterey & Big Sur – Safari Technology Preview

As per this year's exciting WWDC, Safari is counted among one of the many applications receiving attention in preparation for the release of macOS Monterey – the title of the upcoming version to macOS and the successor of macOS Big Sur. Apple very quickly faced questions as to whether or not the new features coming to Safari would be exclusive to macOS Monterey or also be making their way over to Big Sur – as has been customary in previous system updates. Well, current Safari Technology Preview 126 has been released for Big Sur with an answer: the added Safari features will be for both macOS Monterey and Big Sur.

New Safari Features Also For Big Sur
Apple's release of the Safari Technology Preview accomplishes two things at once: it allows beta testers to get a sense of what the next version of Safari on the newest version of WebKit will run like along with all of the additional features – and it also allows users to test the compatibility of the browser and engine on websites, providing Apple with valuable information in the process. Preview version 126 comes with numerous macOS Monterey innovations to Safari, which are also available for macOS Big Sur. The official release notes are here as follows:



  • Streamlined tab bar: Use Tab Groups to save and organize your tabs. Experience the new design. Test your site. Experiment with theme-color.
  • Live Text: Select and interact with text in images on the web in macOS Monterey betas on M1 Macs.
  • Improved Safari Web Extensions: Try out the support for declarativeNetRequest, which expanded to 150K content blocking rules and non-persistent background pages for improved performance.
  • Quick Notes: Add links and Safari highlights to remember important information or ideas on the web in macOS Monterey betas.
  • WebGL 2: Try out the improved 3D graphics performance of WebGL running on top of Metal via ANGLE.
  • Web technologies: Experience and test the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies that are available in Safari 15 Beta and included in previous Safari Technology Preview releases.

Still Some Errors To Be Fleshed Out
Many users are reporting problems during the installation of Safari Technology Preview 126 on Apple computers running macOS Big Sur. The program allegedly crashes right after launch. Apple will likely respond with an update soon soon in order to fix the issue.

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