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One year of the new Mac Pro — and 2021 could get even more exciting

The road to the “new new” Mac Pro was a long one indeed, Apple had already announced the the start of work on a new “high-end system” more than 2 years before the start of the “new” Mac Pro’s sales. In April 2017 it was said that the previously used design with a round shape had proven itself to be a dead end. With a forthrightness uncommon at Apple, Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi explained at a press conference that the current graphic cards were no longer compatible with the cooling concept of the 2013 Mac Pro. To fix it, Apple was going to start all over again and design a completely new machine. For a long time there was no further information about the Mac Pro, and then at WWDC19 Apple revealed the result of their “top secret” undertakings for the first time — including a professional display.



2019: The new Mac Pro with incredible Performance Capability
The modular concept, which Apple had already promised in 2017, came back in tower form. Exactly one year ago the new Mac Pro was made available for purchase, marking Apple’s comeback in a market, an occurrence which many had already written off. The “new” Mac Pro offered enormous performance and upgradeability — almost a classic “must have” for high-end systems in professional sectors. Only those who had hoped for an entirely new approach found themselves disappointed, with Apple heads stating in advance that they didn’t want to continue running into problems with hardware. Eventually, the mass excitement prevailed, with benchmarks indicating how much raw computing power the Mac Pro was capable of thanks to things such as the optional “afterburner card.” Interested parties found themselves having to dig further into their pockets to shell out the money for a tower Mac, and it seems as if the days of a tower Mac being available for $3,000 are over.

2021: Possible release of the Mac Pro with Apple chips
In more recent years it appears that the next big step should follow in the Spring of 2021, with the Mac Pro switching to Apple’s in-house chips. According to Bloomberg, the extreme variant of the professional Mac will seat up to 32 performance cores and according to model, up to 128 dedicated graphic cores alongside. For comparison: the currently available M1 Macs, capable of competing in a number of benchmarks with the base model of the Mac Pro, do so with only 4 performance cores and 8 GPU cores. Thus, it’ll be quite exciting to see what Apple whips up with their magic wand, and what kind of cooling capabilities a new Mac Pro could have. There was even talk of Apple releasing 2 models of a new Mac Pro, one with larger housing and one with smaller.

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