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Open Beta Begins For macOS Ventura & iOS 16

The 2022 WWDC is already one month behind us, with Apple releasing developer pre-release builds for iOS 16 and macOS Ventura immediately after the event. After the word at the event that the beginning of the open beta was set for July, the statement now turns out to be fact. As of now, all members of Apple's public testing program can participate in trialing the pre-release software, as well as report their observations to Apple. Those not currently signed up for the "Apple Beta Software Program" can find directions detailing how to do so on the official site.

Open Beta Always Weeks Later
It's the nature of early beta versions to contain an inherently large number of bugs and errors. For exactly this reason, Apple always lets a certain amount of time pass before opening up the beta for members of the Beta Software Program. Many users thoughtlessly download pre-release software without paying proper attention to the fact that beta software should not be installed on devices intended for productivity – especially not when the software in question is an operating system. Once the biggest errors have been eliminated, Apple then opens up the beta for all registered users. However, there likely won't be an open beta for the upcoming developer version until one to two days after its release.



Open Betas – At All Useful?
Cupertino has been releasing open beta versions of its pre-release software for years now, although the word is that Apple hasn't consistently found itself satisfied with the results. A significant portion of the testers register for the Beta Software Program out of pure curiosity, and then fail to provide Apple with any useful feedback. However, this shouldn't detract from the overall offer, since the offer is still beneficial the product quality of the release version when many users are provided access to the system beforehand. Should one wish to assist Apple in the search for bugs or provide any feedback concerning features, it's recommended to install the beta OS on a separate partition from the user's primary – or on an external drive. Either way, a device back up should be completed before hand.

Currently Available System Builds
With respect to the third betas, Apple has released the following builds (although the public testing versions come slightly delayed in comparison to the developer versions):

System Version Number Release Date
macOS 13 Beta 3  22A5295h  07.06.2022
iOS 16 Beta 3  20A5312g  07.06.2022
iPadOS 16 Beta 3  20A5312g  07.06.2022
watchOS 9 Beta 3  20R5316f  07.06.2022
tvOS 16 Beta 3  20J5328g  07.06.2022

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