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Original HomePod Back In Demand? Exorbitant Prices For "Brand New" Hardware

Although many other companies entered the smart speaker market several years ago and long before Apple, Cupertino hesitated some before finally making a commitment. It wasn't until 2018 that Apple released its first smart speaker dubbed the "HomePod", a device with rich sound and several features meant to set it apart from the rest of the competition. These included features such as "spatial orientation" and six microphones to capture commands as accurately as possible. Despite this, the HomePod still wasn't all that successful, and Apple halted sales of the device around 3 years later. Those hoping to get a hold of the smart speaker now are left with only one option to do so – external dealers demanding quite a large sum.

HomePod Increases In Price
The HomePod was already far from a bargain at release, with the white or gray colored speaker costing US$349 – although the price did eventually fall by US$20 barely a year later. However, since Apple's discontinuation of the product, it's all but easy to find new HomePods. Most offers on platforms such as eBay are offering refurbished or "like-new" variations purchased for or undergoing second-hand sale and often with light indications of use. For unopened, certified, brand-new HomePods, prices are exorbitant. Some used offers are already above the price of the speaker when it was available as a brand-new purchase from Apple, whilst some current, brand-new offers cost up to US$600, with many starting at US$500 if they can even be found in the first place. Prices are even higher in Europe, although they're still considerably high in The United States, as per The Verge.



Source: The Verge

Alternative – The HomePod mini
The massive increase in price is rather unusual for other devices of the same caliber, especially considering that Apple continues to offer the more successful HomePod mini as an alternative to the original device for a much more affordable US$99. The mini still offers support for Siri commands, Intercom, and can even be coupled with other HomePod mini speakers for authentic stereo sound. It's somewhat inferior to its bigger, original sibling in terms of sound, but thanks to its U1 chip, it does offer several amenities that it's discontinued counterpart doesn't.

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