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Overview: AirTags Delivery Times - And Important Dates for iMac, iPad Pro and iPhone

AirTags have been available for pre-order since Friday, and Apple plans to start shipping on April 30. However, it should have been clear to pretty much everyone that this forecast only applied to early buyers. Minutes after the start, the delivery time was already another week, 25 minutes later it was almost four weeks in total. The four-pack is obviously much more affected. If you currently take a look at the Apple Online Store, Apple assumes that they won't be able to deliver any AirTags to customers before "June 4 to 11". The single AirTag for $29 will make it to its new owner in the first week of May - unless you want to add an engraving. In that case, it will be June, no matter whether it's a 1 or a 4 pack. Here's the AirTag product page on



April 30: Pre-order iPad Pro & Apple TV.
Next Friday, several new products will appear in the online store. Among them, the iPad Pro can be pre-ordered, but its delivery will start at least two weeks later. According to reports there could be significant bottlenecks and thus rapidly increasing delivery times. The updated Apple TV will also be available for pre-order on April 30.

April 30: Pre-order iMac.
On the same day as the iPad Pro, Apple will allow pre-orders for the iMac 24" with M1 chip. The delivery forecast again tells us "second half of May", although rapidly increasing delivery times can also be assumed for the iMac.

April 30: iPhone 12 in purple (Product page on Amazon: )
Orders for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in the new "purple" color variant will go straight into shipping. Unlike the other hardware announcements of the event, there are no pre-orders.

Second Half of May: Delivery of iPad Pro, iMac, Apple TV.
Starting in mid-May, around four weeks after the "Spring Loaded" event, several new products will then hit the market at once. However, it is unknown whether the iPad Pro, iMac and Apple TV 4K will ship at the same time.

June 7: World Wide Developers Conference.
The next big event is also not far away. Once you have survived the wait for the new iMac or iPad Pro to ship, the World Wide Developers Conference is right around the corner in the second week of June.

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