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Overview: What To Expect From Apple This Fall – Events & Dates

Whilst July and August usually are relatively quiet months in the Apple world, things tend to pick back up in September. Over the last decade, Apple has traditionally introduced new iPhone generations (including the corresponding iOS updates) alongside countless other announcements during this time. On the other hand, October and November usually concern the iPad exclusively. In the rest of this report, we'll summarize what's to come over the next three months and when to expect the most important events.

7th Of September – Apple Event
Although we're still waiting for the official invitation from Apple, Bloomberg claims to have already come across the date. Accordingly, the fall event should take place on the 7th of September – and in light of Apple's rough quarterly prognosis at the last investor conference, this seems quite possible. If Apple foresees better quarterly performance than predicted by Wall Street experts, it's almost certain that the new iPhone generation will arrive before the end of September. Moreover, new AirPods should witness a release along with a new edition of the standard iPad.



13/14th Of September – iOS 16 Release Without iPadOS 16?
iOS 16 should arrive before the iPhone 14's market launch, most likely on the 13th or 14th of September. However, there's some uncertainty about the arrival date of iPadOS 16 – according to the rumors, Apple might need a little bit more time to flesh out the new "Stage Manager" feature fully. Allegedly, Apple is delaying the release by one month as the new function does not yet meet Cupertino's high standards for quality control. This would, of course, impact the release date of the iPad – making a September release highly unlikely.

16th Of September – iPhone Delivery
Orders for the newest generation are usually makeable on the Friday after an iPhone event. Those quick to pull the trigger normally receive their device exactly one week after placing their order. At the moment, there's no indication that things will be any different this year.

October – A Second Apple Event?
Could October reveal the 14" and 16" iterations of the MacBook Pro with M2, the Mac mini M2, and maybe even a preview of the first ARM-based Mac Pro equipped with Apple Silicon? The last few months have seen countless reports claiming that the introduction of the new M2 variants is planned for this fall. Things will remain especially exciting concerning Apple's plans for the absolute, most premium tier, high-end sector. A second Apple event this fall is quite likely – the most optimistic forecasts even point to Apple releasing the first generation of its AR/VR glasses. However, a release wouldn't be expected until the beginning of 2023 in this case.

October/November – New Macs?
Whilst the start of sales is likely to begin immediately following the event for the 14/16" variants of the MacBook Pro and an updated version of the Mac mini – the situation looks a little bit different for the Mac Pro M2 "Extreme". Nobody expects the market launch of a new Mac Pro in October, and even a release November would still be very early.

macOS 13 Ventura – October/November Release
Entirely new iterations of macOS usually witness a release following their iOS counterparts. Presumably, things will be the same this year since updates Macs aren't expected until after this September. A release sometime between October and early November is much more likely.

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