Friday, Feb 19, 2021, 23:20 Mac: Software

Parallels 16 For M1 Macs – Technical Preview 2

Parallels 16's 1st technical preview was released about 2 months ago, allowing us to catch a glimpse at the future of virtualization on Mac. After release, users began demonstrating how the ARM version of Windows was already installable. Although technically a license violation, it works. Thus, an important step has been made in the Mac world for users who cannot do without Windows software. Although native booting of Windows is expected to remain a dream, at least there are other avenues opening in the form of virtualization. Combined with the emulation of x86 software of Windows on ARM a replacement of Boot Camp is possible – albeit highly unlikely, as Microsoft would have to begin selling ARM versions of Windows to end-users.

Countless Improvements
The 2nd technical preview of Parallels has come with several improvements. At the top of the list: the option to pause the virtual machine and resume the virtual machine – a feature not available in the first technical preview. In addition, the new preview comes with Parallels Tools for Ubuntu (version 20.04 and on), Debian (version 10.7 and on), and Fedora Workstation (version 33-1.2 and on). The installation assistant automatically recognizes compatible Linux images. There's nothing to be said of Windows in the release's description, as Microsoft's current licensing conditions do not provide for this. However, Parallels documents several improvements to stability and correction of errors.



Still Plenty Of Room For Improvement
There are still some issues with the software, for example, VMs still freeze when Parallels tools undergo an update – however, this is only a display error and not a complete crash. Several features have yet to be integrated, coherence mode, seamless system integration, and shared folders. Parallels has promised that they are working on integrating these features. It's possible to to sign up to try Parallels Desktop for M1 Macs out yourself on the product's site. There's also a subscribable newsletter for those interested.

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