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Pegasus – Screenshots Show Infamous Mobile Device Spyware In Use

Software or hardware vulnerabilites are interesting to both hackers and espionage software manufacturers. One of the most well known examples of the latter is known as "Pegasus", an espionage software produced by the Israeli company "NSO Group". The software enales the extraction of information from infected iOS and Android devices, as well as remove activation of the device's camera and microphone. According to recent information, the spyware can also be installed on iPhones running iOS 14.7 or earlier – and entirely without the user's knowledge or interaction. On the same hand, however, there are also contrary reports doubting the ability of Pegasus to infect newer iOS generations.

Screenshots Come To Light
Apart from its usage in espionage, not much else is known about Pegasus. Currently, the Israeli police finds itself forced to defend its usage of espionage software in court – even leading to the leaking of several screenshots of an older version of Pegasus from 2014:



Viewing Of Messages
Two screenshots indicate that Pegasus enables third parties to read messages sent or received via either Apple's Messages app, WhatsApp, or FaceBook Messenger.

Remote Microphone & Camera Activation
Pegasus also includes even more invasive methods of remote monitoring: The software can remotely activate both the infected device's microphone and camera, on both iPhone and Android devices. This enables the third party to record and listen to the target individual's telephone conversations.

We advise any iOS users still on version 14.7 or older to update their devices immediately, especially for those involved in controversial journalism or fields demanding extreme data privacy.

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