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Photo Gallery: Shot on iPhone 12 – Impressive Camera System

Once again, the camera is the figure head of a new generation of iPhones. The iPhone 12 Pro comes with the 2 additional cameras that came with the iPhone 11 Pro and now also a LiDAR sensor. The iPhone 12 Pro Max, the highest priced iPhone 12, even possesses sensor shift – technology capable of stabilizing an image at over 5,000 times per second. The "Shot on iPhone" marketing campaign has existed for years, on Apple's own website, on ads in large airports, and even on the face of houses. This go around, Apple's "Shot on iPhone" website campaign features a renewed arrangement and motifs under the motto, "Portraits, cityscapes, the night sky, and more".

Apple's Praise of Their Own Camera
Apple has improved the quality of photos taken in low light with "Night Mode", already a feature of the iPhone 11, by enlarging the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max's "advanced Wide camera" by 47%, allowing for an 87% improvement of photos snapped under low-light. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini both receive an "expansive Ultra Wide and a new Wide camera" respectively, with 27% more light for photos taken in low-light conditions. The exposure time required for Night Mode has also decreased. The two photos below show what was previously only possible with long exposure time or (in the second example) an extremely calm hand:

The new photo gallery posted by Apple contains countless other examples. The linked site also provides the names of the shared photographs and allows the downloading of all photos for private or journalistic use.



A Long Journey
Apple's "Shot on iPhone" site gallery doesn't mention how much the shared photos were subsequently edited via post-image processing, it mostly focuses on detailing improvements to the new iPhone's camera. However, photos from the 2008 iPhone Photography Awards provide a telling comparison and show how far the iPhone's camera has come.

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