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Problems Encountered By Mac Users Ranked – Hardware & Software At The Bottom

When Mac users need help with their system, it's frequently not as a result of any flaw with the computer itself or its native operating system. As a rule, Cupertino's hardware is known for its reliable performance over long swaths of time, and macOS – with a few exceptions, normally runs similarly stable. This is also reflected in a set of repair and support statistics released by the US-American company "Rescuecom" publishes every year.

Printers & Email The Source Of The Most Problems
Most Mac users are more likely to have problems with printers in connection to email than in other areas, according to Rescuecom's "Mac Computer Repair Report". Around 20% of all support inquiries came as a result of problems with peripheral devices such as printers and problems like paper jamming, poor connection, or poor printing quality. Almost tied in terms of percentage (19%) come email problems, with disruptions when sending or receiving mail being the second-most-common source of support inquiries. This is then closely followed by calls for help concerning non-functioning internet and network connections (14%).



Source: Rescuecom

Hardware Problems: > 1%
Out of all Mac user support inquiries registered by Rescuecom in 2020, 13% were related to malware attacks made by trojans or viruses. A possible hardware problem wasn't even encountered until 7th place, black or blue screened displays (8%), and the cause wasn't always necessarily the Mac nor monitor itself. Support inquiries due to issues with Mac hardware itself accounted for only 0.53% of all support inquiries.

Problems With macOS
The native macOS and macOS applications were behind only 0.35% (OS) and 0.18% (applications) of all inquiries recorded by Rescuecom in 2020. The service company attributes this, unsurprisingly, to the fact that the native operating system and applications all come from the same source and operate almost completely harmoniously. For Windows computers, however, it looks entirely different. Last year, Rescuecom recorded that 64% of all support inquiries were made concerning the native Windows operating system and 18% as a result of its applications.

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