Friday, Jul 02, 2021, 13:03 Economy

Prognosis: Macs & iPads Expected To See Strong Growth For A While

With the advent of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, Home-Office and schooling have both become a more regular topic – accompanied by a renewed interest in tablets and notebooks. After numbers had either stagnated or decreased for quite a while, demand increased abruptly. In the case of Apple, the iPad profited enormously – all while the Mac sector climbed towards record numbers. In addition to the standard market development, Apple also profited from the release of the new line of greatly-hyped M1 notebooks. Since the release of the new devices in November 2020, Apple has done quite well in terms of notebook sales.

Continuing High Demand
According to a current study of the market, the best days are still ahead for Apple. As Gene Muster from Loup Ventures sees it, there won't be any "corona-hangover" with falling sales to worry about. Instead, the only limiting factor is demand – and Apple's current difficulties in meeting the extremely high demand from a production standpoint. The fact that there have been unusually long delivery times for components, which have been available for months, are proof enough. Many configurations continue to show weeks worth of delays, with the global chip shortage playing a significant role. As such, the Mac and iPad are still expected to see quite a bit of growth and for a long time, according to Loup.



Apple's Weakest Month – Yet Plagued By Delivery Bottlenecks
June is normally Apple's weakest phase of the year in terms of sales according to Muster. It means a lot when a company isn't able to satisfy customer interest. The March quarter provided a 70% growth in sales for Apple, Muster expects similar growth for the months of April - July. This is in and of itself amazing, especially given that Apple only updated one line of Macs, although the iMac with M1 has been released in the meantime and the Apple world is now waiting on a 16" M-chip MacBook Pro. The next quarterly conference will occur at the end of July, where Apple will explicitly discuss the progress of the second quarter.

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