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Prosser: Colorful M1 iMac & Smaller M1 Mac Pro (Video)

The iMac's current housing has been in use for 9 years but still doesn't look outdated. Despite this and according to several Apple pundits, the company is planning to give the desktop a makeover with the computer's switch to the new M1 chip. According to Bloomberg, Apple is basing the new design on the style of the Pro Display XDR.

Frontside To Be Reminiscent Of iPad Pro
Leaker John Prosser disagrees with Bloomberg in a YouTube video. According to him, Apple is going to introduce a new modern look with a healthy dose of nostalgia and the front side and general shape should be reminiscent of the iPad Pro. Interesting here would be the substantially narrower display bezel in comparison to the current iMac. However, the display panel itself wouldn't have curves like the iPad Pro's. Contrary to Mark Gurman's predictions, Prosser doesn't think the M1 iMac's stand will be based on that of the Pro Display XDR's. Current renderings from Jon Prosser show an M1 iMac with the current all-in-one computer's stand design.



Source: Jon Prosser

Back & Stand Available In 5 Colors
The back of the computer and computer's stand should be reminiscent of a legendary predecessor from 1999 – the all-in-one computer is finally about to get colorful again. Customers should have a choice between 5 colors with the same options as the iPad Air, black, white, green, blue, and rosegold.

Mac "mini Pro" Reminiscent Of Power Mac G4 Cube
Prosser also had a bit to say about the upcoming Mac Pro with Apple Silicon. The upcoming model should be significantly more compact than the current Intel-workstation. The device's basic housing will be based on the Mac mini but will be about 3-4x as high. For long-time Apple customers, the device's description is reminiscent of the legendary old Power Mac G4 Cube of 2000, a little nostalgia likely took part in the design. As far as size goes, Mark Gurman and Prosser seem to be in agreement. Both the iMac M1 and Mac Pro will be available this fall at the latest.

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