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Prosser: New MacBook Pro At WWDC 2021

The last large announcement for the Mac world came in April, with the iMac M1. The iMac M1 relies on the same chips present in all three other Apple Silicon outfitted Macs. It's not likely to be long until we're finally able to marvel at the second generation of Apple Silicon chips. There are still differing forecasts as to whether or not the next Apple Silicon chip will be an M1X or M2 chip – regardless, a significant increase in performance is expected. Well-known Apple world leaker Jon Prosser has now also chipped in his two cents. He believes that a new model of the MacBook Pro will be the theme of this year's upcoming WWDC. Prosser has also stated that he can confirm corresponding reports, as per a recent tweet.

Apple's New WWDC Teaser – Noticeable Emoticon
This new round of speculation comes as Apple has released a new graphic on the WWDC website. In the familiar style of previous graphics, with three people looking at MacBooks and the contents of the display visible via reflection on a one person's glasses – just as in previous graphics. One of the three highlighted code snippets visible in the reflection is "u{1F4BB}", the Unicode Character: 💻.



The clue is visible in the glasses of the person on the left.

As Apple has invested a great deal of energy in these graphics, the code snippet is obviously a clue-in concerning the upcoming WWDC. Apple likely included this easter egg in the recent invitation/late teaser for this year's WWDC in order to chalk up excitement. According to Jon Prosser, the new MacBook Pro will be announced at this year's WWDC. No matter the reason, Apple has certainly accomplished at least one thing with this little easter egg – most of the Apple world is eagerly awaiting this year's WWDC.

Details About The Chip Already Circulating
Bloomberg recently released a report about the upcoming MacBook Pro. The report states that the new MacBook Pro will possess eight performance and two efficiency cores along with greater power in the graphics area, where the number of cores is climbing all the way up to thirty-two. It's unknown whether or not Apple will also present a follow up to the MacBook 13", as rumours concerning a 14" model with a reworked display have already been circulating.

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