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Rebranding – Microsoft Abandons "Office" Brand & Replaces With Microsoft "365"

Of course, Microsoft wouldn't even dream of discontinuing distribution of what are commonly known as its "Office" apps – or Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Co. However, the company has made hint of some strategy changes over the last few years – and the words "Microsoft Office" have become less and less frequent at the company for a while now. Although Microsoft does indeed continue to care for the brand, and there's now even an "" site – the company has refrained from using the name "Office to describe the brand. Now, the true reason for this has finally come to light – in its first large rebranding for three decades, Microsoft is now more or less doing entirely away with its old "Office" branding.

Rebranding Of Apps & Offers
Within the next few months, the names of, the Office apps for Mac and Windows, as well as the mobile version of the sweet will all undergo a change of name from "Office" to "MIcrosoft 365". As explained by Microsoft per the company's own product site, Office is indeed disappearing as a brand – but the former "Office" apps certainly won't be. Additionally, Microsoft does not intend to discontinue the possibility for users to purchase apps with a one-time fee as opposed to paying via a subscription model. It will still be possible to pay via one-time purchase and this applies to both private and corporate customers. At the moment, the conditions of "Office 2021" and "Office LTSC" will remain in place – and still under the same "Office" monikers, for the time being.



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Office Brand Largely Meaningless By 2023
Despite the great amount of stress placed by Microsoft on the fact that one-time purchase editions of its software will remain in place – the company's general strategy and plans for the future are still quite clear. For quite a while now, Microsoft has shown itself to be much more focused on its image as a service provider, by providing subscription payment model software. The consequent rebranding of Office to Microsoft 365 further undertones that the offer is no longer simply the formerly known Office suite – rather, it's an entirely new service. In November, should switch to the new 365 brand, whereas it may take as long as until January 2023 until the same occurs for the Windows and Office and mobile Office apps.

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