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Rendering: how the new iPad 6 mini series could look

Until 2012, Apple had flat out denied having any plans for a “mini-iPad”. For awhile it was Apple’s philosophy that any display size under 8 inches is “too small for a tablet”—but upon release, the iPad mini series still managed to achieve significant success on the market and captured the praise of many customers. Following the release of the 4th generation however, it began to appear as if the prospects of a new iPad mini were coming to an end, as there had been no new release for three and a half years—until Apple released the 5th generation in March of 2019. Meanwhile, the iPad mini has proven itself as a valuable as a valuable edition to the Apple product-line and there remains little doubt concerning its continuity. The majority of market observers also additional generations in the iPad mini’s future. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is planning an important update for the coming Spring, in addition to a switch to a new design.



How the smallest iPad could look in the future
Designer Parker Ortolani has stoked the fire with wood and has added his recent renderings (see ) to the repertoire of promotional material for the iPad 6, with a few graphics of how it could look. His designs concur with what Kuo and other branch-experts have predicted, as the iPad mini should be taking after Apple’s new design language and resemble the iPad Pro a bit more. The display size could also be increased from 7.9" to 8.5" without altering package dimensions, an approach which Apple has already followed with both versions of the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

The same display size—smaller frame
Ortolani’s sketches outline a case for the iPad mini 6 to keep it’s 7.9” diagonal-display, contrary to some reports. This would give Apple the opportunity to save almost 20% during production as per adoption of a lighter frame, resulting in the release of the most compact iPad in the product's history. In view of the high hit-rate that Ming-Chi Kuo normally has concerning hardware-details, it appears as if a larger display with the same measurements is however more likely. Still, Ortolani’s renderings do an excellent job of portraying what the 6th generation iPad mini could look like.

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