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Renderings: How Apple's AR & VR Glasses/Headset Could Look

Although Apple hasn't yet said anything of a VR headset to the public, rumors and leaked information have still managed to make their way out of Cupertino. In 2019, there was a private Apple event held in-house concerning a set of AR glasses. In addition, multiple leakers have claimed to have already seen a prototype. Several large publications, including The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg (among others), consider a release within 1-2 years to be likely. The VR headset is expected to come first, whereas the AR glasses are expected to come within the following year.

Slim & Compact
In view of the report released by the magazine, "The Information", just a few days, the price of the VR headset should be around US$3000, and a well-known graphics designer has released renderings of the glasses' appearance based on leaked information. The renderings offer views of the glasses from all sides. The magazine also claims to have seen a pre-production model of the VR headset. The renderings of the "Apple View" come from Antonio De Rosa.



The Apple View in use by Antonio de Rosa

Those willing to shell out the US$3000 for the Apple Headset should receive a slim and compact headset with 2 displays in 8K resolution. It's as of yet still unknown, how much state-of-the-art technology might be hiding in the shiny black forefront of the headset. In De Rosa's renderings, there's also a carry-strap as described by The Information.

Colored Straps & Padding
Soft cushioning around the headset "goggles" ensure a correct fit and adequate comfort, whilst various color options for the padding should provide the potential for individualization of the headset. However, don't let the simple design fool you, the headsets should supposedly offer unprecedented visual quality. Several cameras on the outside of the headset also allow for images to be displayed as if "through the eyes of the user", as well as providing "augmented reality" features.

There are several other renderings of the "Apple View" on Antonio De Rosa's website. Should the rumors hold true, the earliest announcement of the headset would be in the Fall of this year, with the start of sales first in 2022. Other sources consider an official announcement in the Fall of 2022 to be more likely, however.

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