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Report: AirPods 3 In The Works – New AirPods Pro 2022

Indications that Apple is planning to release a third generation of AirPods are getting stronger – and Bloomberg recently confirmed them with reports of a quick release. According to Bloomberg, the new generation of AirPods will be released before the popular wireless headphones' birthday. The AirPods were first presented to the public in September 2016 and after the first generation's success, the second generation was released in the spring of 2019 and in the next few weeks, we should even see the arrival of the third generation. Apparently, Apple finished development months ago and has just been waiting for a propitious time to release the headphones. Quite a bit is known about the upcoming AirPods thanks to the large amount of information that has been leaked about them up until now and so the most important details are already known. In the rest of this article, we'll run you through them.

AirPods 3 Early This Summer
According to currently released information, the AirPods 3 will be lighter and smaller. As per the product's price class, being one tier below the "AirPods Pro" model, the AirPods 3 have no noise-cancellation or transparency mode. In light of all this, the price isn't likely to change much. Recent reports have speculated that Apple might present the new generation in summer instead of in fall, as there's been a significant decrease in sales lately which Cupertino could combat with an update to the product.



AirPods Pro 2022 – Fitness Tracking, & An Entirely New Design
Bloomberg has also provided information about a new edition of the AirPods Pro, which should be equipped with new sensors in order to support fitness tracking. However, it'll still be a bit of a wait until the next AirPods Pro hit the shelves – 2022 to be precise. When they do though, they should be completely redesigned. Sources state that Apple is currently trying to completely remove the stems from the headphones so that only the earpieces are left – similar to the Beats Studio Buds. As Bloomberg has mentioned, the product's launch was actually envisioned for 2021 and then delayed for unknown reasons.

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