Monday, Dec 20, 2021, 16:31 Mac: Hardware

Report: Apple Planning 18 Month Update Cycle For Mac Chips

The release of a new iPhone generation always puts one thing under the spotlight: the new chip placed in the device. Apple has never been able to refrain from mentioning increases in performance or improvements to energy efficiency with device generations. The one exception to this rule is the iPhone SE, which is Apple's more affordable smartphone option and does not represent what the most powerful smartphones from Cupertino are capable of. It's almost as good as certain right now that Apple will present the A15 chip in 2022 and very possibly in a new iPad. For the Macs, the situation looks a little bit different at the moment. Apple has already released a rearmed M1 chip for the MacBook Pro and the M2 isn't expected until next year. Now, a new report from Chinese Commercial Times has arrived with some enlightening information concerning the planned update cycle of Apple's Mac SoCs.

Report: A New Mac Chip Every 18 Months
The report references branch sources with information concerning Apple's chip ambitions. Accordingly, the US-company is planning to release a new line of ARM processors every 18 months. However, this may take slightly longer in the case of the M2. As per the Chinese Commercial Times, Cupertino should release it's second (or third, if you count the Pro/Max M1 variants) major M-chip in the second half of 2022. The chip currently carries the code name "Staten". The M2 Pro and Max will see a little less of a wait. Currently being developed under the code name "Rhodes", the two chips are expected to arrive within the first quarter of 2023. The M2 will undergo a 4-nm (4 nanometer) production process and the M3 will see 3-nm production from TSMC.



New Mac mini & MacBook Air Likely Within The First Half Of 2022
Meanwhile, evidence that Apple is going to release a new generation of Mac mini and MacBook Air is piling up – both of which would receive a new M2. According to the well-known Bloomberg leaker Mark Gurman, it will be the MacBook Air which undergoes the most design changes – in fact, it will be the notebook's largest redesign to date. A design candidate can be found here. Should the report from Chinese Commercial Times hold true, then users will only have to wait until the second half of next year to get their hands on some new M2 devices.

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