Monday, Sep 06, 2021, 11:44 Hardware

Report: Apple's Upcoming VR Headset To Work With Only iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Next to the "Apple Car", "Apple Glass" is probably one of the most frequently reported "next big things" from Cupertino. Apple experts, such as the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, predict that the iPhone giant will release the product's first iteration in the second half of 2022. As far as technical details concerning the device's displays, sensors, or cameras are concerned – only a meager amount of information has been leaked thus far. However, there is some current information about the device's "system on a chip" (or integrated circuit).

VR Headset's Chip Development Is Over
The work on the chip planned for the VR headset has now been finished, as per a report from The Information. The design of two other components has also been completed. The components unite a multitude of features, meaning that production prototypes can begin soon. The new chips rely on the 5-nm production process and are considerably less powerful than the processors which Apple uses in iPhones and Macs. For example, the headset's processors don't have a neural engine, meaning they are unable to rely on or support either artificial intelligence or machine learning. The device's design places more emphasis on wireless data transfer, the processing of video streams, and energy efficiency.



iPhone, iPad, and Mac To Deliver The Computing Power
According to details provided by The Information concerning the system on a chip's design, it is more than likely that the first generation of Apple's VR headset won't function autonomously. Moreover, it will only be possible to use the headset when it is connected to an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The actual computing power necessary for processing the AR or VR content will take place on the external Apple device. However, since the headset will of course house a graphics card and CPU, it's likely that some assignments will be carried out over the headset's equipment, albeit very limitedly. Should The Information be correct in its recent report, then Apple's upcoming VR headset should be deeply entrenched within the Apple ecosystem similar to the Apple Watch without a mobile connection.

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