Monday, Sep 05, 2022, 14:34 Hardware

Report – How The Notch Successor Will Work, New Camera App Planned

Even prior to the announcement of the iPhone 13 in September 2021 many in the media were almost certain of which changes would arrive with the iPhone 14. Five years now after the introduction of the infamous "notch" end it looks as if the controversial component may be making a retreat – although there is likely to still be a section of the front camera reserved for Face ID purposes. Apple's answer appears to be a more pill shaped, rounder recess on the front of the device. Multiple leaks have already revealed the dimensions, although it is still unclear exactly how the component will function. A new report now provide some clarity – and unfortunately dashes any hope for an end to the large black dot.

Area To Be Filled For Better Visual Impression
Accordingly, Apple plans to fill the area in between Face ID and the front camera with a largely black background to create the impression of a combined element. The appearance may come across as a little bit more elegant than before, although there are no functional advantages to the new appearance. The new design necessitates relocation of the status indicators, whereas the tiny dots indicating microphone or camera activity were previously to the right of the notch, this entire area is now black with the indiators now found within this new region. A mock up below this entry reveals residual display space above the new section, however, this space is not intended for interaction with device content.



New Camera App – Although Possibly Not Until Later
In the middle versions of iOS 16, one subject is still missing. The new camera app for the iPhone 14. As per information source by 9to5Mac, Apple has yet to make a decision as to whether or not this renovation should make an appearance at the start of sales. The plan seems to be to move all Service elements to the upper portion of the device to open up a little bit more display space. The organization of the UI elements can be seen in the attached image above.

Presentation On The 7th Of September
IPhone 14's introduction to the public should occur on 7 September, or this coming Monday. Around 1 PM US eastern time, Apple will begin broadcasting of the pre-produced event videos. In addition to a new smart phone generation, new editions of the Apple Watch and iPad are also expected – although the latter may be delayed due to concerns that iPadOS may not release until at least one month after the iPhone 14.

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