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Report: Important Changes In Watch OS 9 – What Are Apple's Long Term Plans?

The list of changes to watchOS following an update is usually slightly shorter than for an iOS or macOS update. This is more than likely to apply equally to the upcoming watchOS 9, macOS 13, and iOS 16 when Apple releases the next round of updates in June. An extensive report details some of the changes that Cupertino has planned for its smartwatch. Bloomberg claims to have received information about countless changes that Apple has planned for this and next year. As usual, the key focuses are on expanding the smart watch's ability to provide information concerning bodily functions and expand its usage as an increasingly important health advisor.

Blood Sugar & Pressure Measurements Still To Take Some Time
Although Apple has been working on a way to recognize blood pressure for some time now, such a feature still isn't expected for the foreseeable future.The Apple Watch won't be able to function as a blood pressure measurer until 2024 or 2025, with the same applying to blood sugar. However, there are going to be some important updates to sleep tracking on the way, arterial fibrillation recognition is seeing an improvement and will also become more powerful, according to new reports. Apple is also working on a new feature for scanning medicine bottles and automatically setting up reminders as for when to take the medication. There should also be some new health features especially for women.



Expansion To Low Power Mode's Features
There are also improvements to other aspects of watchOS 9, per Bloomberg. There should be a new Low Power Mode on the way. At the moment, once the power-saving mode has been activated, it's no longer to use any apps or features other than the watch's standard time-keeping. This is set to change, and the Apple Watch will no longer lose all of the features allowing it to fit under the "smartwatch" category whilst in Low Power Mode. Certain apps will continue to function, although Bloomberg doesn't make any indication as to when that might be.

Large Watch Face Rework
For those unhappy with their Apple Watch's current set of pre-selected watch faces, watchOS 9 might just be the cure. Apple should rework the majority of the watch face in order to make better usage of the available display place – especially in terms of additional functions. Bloomberg has explicitly stated that the update should feature a rework of a large part of the system's design.

Apple's Health Team Stops Growing
The report also makes one other interesting note: Apple's "Health Team", consisting of 1,000 employees, hasn't added any new personnel over the last two years. However, there have been some changes up at the top. The former division head, Kevin Lynch, was switched to the Apple Car team, whilst two other high ranking managers, Gregg Spivey, and Maziar Brumand have left the company.

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