Thursday, Jun 09, 2022, 11:17 Hardware

Report: M2 Pro This Year With Significant Differences From M1 Pro

With the M2 also witnessed a change in production process, changing from the M1's reliance upon the 7nm production process to the M2's 5nm production process – with the help of Apple's production partner TSMC. This aspect helps Apple keep up the M-chips' renowned levels of energy efficiency whilst still allowing the company to provide the new chip with a little bit more power. In July, the first M2-based Macs will arrive on the market (the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13") – meaning that TSMC has already started with the M2-chip's production. According to an internal report from Intl Tech Research, Apple's production partner is already preparing for the production of other M2-based chips this year – with the M2 Pro's name specifically mentioned. Another interesting claim is that the chip should rely on the 3nm production process, with 5nm restricted to solely the basic version of the M2. This would lead to an even greater difference between a standard M2-chip and an M2 Pro or upgraded variant than seen between the standard M1 and its more powerful counterparts.

M2 Pro As Chip For The Upcoming Mac Mini?
At the moment, the M1 Pro is only available in the MacBook Pro, although there have been quite a few reports that Apple eventually plans to offer Pro M-chip variants in the Mac mini as well. Thus, the new M2 Pro could be a likely candidate for the first Pro M-chipped Mac mini. As far as the M2 Pro variant of the MacBook Pro is concerned, a release prior to 2023 isn't currently expected. Additionally, given the currently massive, expected delivery times – there's no chance that every possibly interested customer will have had the opportunity to purchase the standard M2 variation of the MacBook Pro yet, meaning that there's no pressure yet for Apple to come out with an M2 Pro variant before taking full advantage of the current market. According to current indications, it could, however, be possible that we'll see a Mac mini with the M2 Pro later this fall.



All Upgraded Variants To Utilize 3nm
Also mentioned is "Apple's in-house server" as a reference to Apple's high-end offers – a category under which the Mac Pro is most likely included. The Mac Pro is known as the last model in the current Apple lineup to still carry an Intel chip as opposed to an ARM-based Apple Silicon chip. According to unanimous reports, Apple plans to equip the top variation of the Mac Pro with processors consisting of 2 combined Ultra variant M-chips. We're relatively positive that this won't be an M1 "Extreme", but rather some form of M2 – which, given this most recent information, would rely on the 3nm production process. It will remain exciting to see whether or not we'll get to take our first look at an Apple Silicon-based Mac Pro in 2022 or 2023.

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