Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 10:57 Mac: Hardware

Report: Mac Mini 2021 in New Design - Thinner, Faster, More Ports

The design of the Mac mini does not look old-fashioned, but it is still old compared to the other Mac series. Apple had changed to the "flat box" look in 2010, and the optical drive disappeared just one year later. In the meantime, the Mac mini was available in a dark design, whereas the M1 version is again made of light aluminum. Allegedly, important innovations are on the horizon. Bloomberg recently reported that Apple is working on a new generation of the compact Mac, and that the project in question bears the internal code "J374". There was talk of additional ports and more horse power, too. Leaker Jon Prosser has now also spoken out and announced what he claims to have learned about the future of the Mac mini.

Processor and ports
According to this, an M1X chip will be used. Assuming it is the processor of the next MacBook Pro 16", one can look forward to twice the performance. Even stronger increases can be assumed in the graphics area. According to Prosser, Apple also relies on 4x USB 4 / Thunderbolt (instead of 2x) as well as 2x USB-A, Ethernet and HDMI in the Mac mini M1X. The Mac mini will be powered by a magnetic plug system, which is also known from the new iMac M1.



New design, less aluminum, more reflections
The design is also changing, Prosser said. Instead of keeping the previous aluminum look, a "Plexiglas-like" reflective surface will be used. At the same time, the dimensions are shrinking, because the Mac mini M1X is supposed to be flatter. There is also talk that Apple could offer more color variety and take its cue from the variants of the new iMac. Prosser does not know any information about the exact schedule - according to him, only a presentation in the current year is considered certain. The time of the Mac mini with Intel processors, which Apple still offers at prices starting at 1259 Euros, will probably be over for good.

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