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Report: Mac mini M2 Pro In The Works

Multiple sources over the past several months have predicted that Apple would be giving the Mac mini an M1 Pro or M1 Max eventually – allowing the tiny device to somewhat take on the roll of a "mini" Mac Pro. However, as has been clear since Tuesday's "Peek Performance" event, there will be no such announcement for the time being. Instead, the Mac Studio – a device tiered in between the Mac mini and Mac Pro and currently the most powerful Apple computer, was released yesterday. According to a new report from 9to5Mac, a Mac mini with upgraded hardware was indeed planned, although the plan was ultimately abandoned so that efforts could be concentrated on the Mac Studio and so that the two devices would not end up competing for the limelight. 9to5Mac states, however, that nothing has changed and that Apple will eventually release two versions of the Mac mini – as per the site's sources.

Mac mini M2 & M2 Pro In The Works
Shortly after this week's event, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg (who previously worked at and made his name in the business at 9to5Mac) stressed that the Mac mini M1 would obviously be receiving a follow up in the form of an M2 version. 9to5Mac's newest report, however, reveals that the discovered code name for an upcoming Mac mini – "J473", is actually not only for the M2 but also for an M2 variant.



Rumors About M2 Specs
Current indications point to an M2 with 8 CPU cores – the same number as the M1, but 10 GPU cores. This would equate to an about 25% boost to the chip's graphical capabilities, thus far performance has scaled very precisely to the number of cores. As far as the SoC's other specifications or optimizations and how these might affect single-core performance, nothing is known yet. That being said, the M2 Pro will obviously have the same single-core performance as the M2 and follow the same model as the M1 Pro, coming with more cores than the standard chip – meaning more multi-core performance. An M2 Pro would then come with at least 8 CPU cores and 18 GPU cores. This would lead to a significant difference between a Mac mini M2 Pro and the current M1-equipped Mac mini.

When Is The Mac mini M2 Arriving?
There are still no sources with any information concerning a probable release date. Neither Mark Gurman nor 9to5Mac have said anything other than that the process will take place in during course of this year. We can, however, rule out an M1 Max or M2 Max in the Mac mini – this position in the line-up is occupied by the Mac Studio. The next considerable date for the M2's release would likely be on the occasion of the WWDC this June – Apple surely wouldn't release a new chip generation via only a press release.

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