Monday, Dec 12, 2022, 14:32 Mac: Hardware

Report – MacBook Pro 20" In The Works As A Foldable Concept

Even though multiple reports concerning Apple's extensive testing of foldable iPhones have more than made the rounds over the past few months, the project is not likely high on the current list of priorities in Cupertino. However, multiple sources have already reported that Apple might indeed bring a device with a foldable display onto the market. The product in question will further blend the lines between Mac and iPad – at least as far as display size. A giant iPad measuring up to 20" is also expected to arrive on the market – with a 16" version potentially arriving as early as next year. The 16" device will carry a standard display – however, the 20" variant will be Apple's first foldable, according to the article.

MacBook Pro With Continuous Display
Citing several industry sources, The Elec recently reported that Apple has taken on another ambitious display project. There's new talk now of a 20" display, with Apple aiming to debut the innovative tech in a future MacBook Pro. Since a notebook with such a large display would naturally be rather unwieldy to operate, the device will come in a foldable design. Instead of a traditional keyboard, the device possesses another touchscreen merged seamlessly with the upper portion of the device.



An old rendering from Astropad of how such a Mac could look.

Folded – An Old Blueprint
When folded, the device should possess a 15" display, capable of further expanding to 20.25". As Cupertino is currently underway in the device's intensive development, the product isn't likely to see the light of day for another 4 to 5 years. The Elec additionally stresses that although Apple has researched foldable iPhones in the past, there are no current plans for any such smartphones from Cupertino – nor any such foldable devices beyond the formerly mentioned 15" planned product, at the moment. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, however, Cupertino's plans and new direction for the iPad sector may change things up considerably. Apple also wants to discontinue the iPad mini – to replace it with a foldable tablet of approximately the same size when folded as the current smallest iPad.

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