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Report: Old Apple Watch Armbands From Apple Stores Given Up For Destruction

Many users prefer to go to the Apple Store to get a first-hand, physical impression of the color and quality of the available Apple Watch armbands, rather than ordering them online. This is especially practical for certain options such as the braided Solo Loop – and since the size of the accessory also plays a decisive role in the wearer's comfort, interested customers often go directly to the Apple Store to try the armbands on before committing to a purchase. Reddit user u/exemploy recently explained what happens to the stores' armbands come the end of each season, which some may find surprising given Apple's frequently voiced commitment to sustainability.

Does Apple Destroy Old Watch Bands?
The Apple Watch isn't necessarily a fashion accessory, but that doesn't keep Apple or third-party manufacturers from offering several armbands in different colors and materials. Cupertino continually expands the portfolio in regular intervals whilst removing older variants from the lineup each time. On Reddit, user u/exemploy explained what happens to these older armbands: Allegedly, they're packaged and then transported for destruciton. This applies even to the display-armbands kept behind glass inside the store as well as to those in completely unopened boxes. According to u/exemploy, there's not even a discounted clearance sale for employees of the store itself. Such behavior is quite contrary to Apple's continued commitment to sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.



Source: PostImages, u/exemploy via Reddit

Apple's Commitment To Sustainability?
As per u/exemploy, such approaches aren't uncommon in the textile branch, however, there should be different standards for Apple – especially given the fact that the company takes every opportunity to sing its own praise and reiterate its various commitments to sustainability. The company does indeed communicate these efforts rather comprehensively, one such effort (amongst other initiatives) being the omission of the power supply for new iPhone deliveries – although some see this simply as a way for Apple to earn some extra cash by basically enforcing first time iPhone purchasers to acquire a power supply separately from the comapny in the event that they not already have another suitable implement on hand (however, this would be quite an unlikely occurrence in this day and age). Some of Apple's sustainability goals are rather impressive: For example, by 2025, Apple intends to remove all plastic from packages. By 2030, Cupertino wants to have achieved CO2 neutrality – even going so far as to pressure suppliers with these guidelines.

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