Friday, Oct 07, 2022, 15:58 Hardware

Report: The Future Of Apple Displays – New 27" Display Delayed – Affordable Option Scrapped?

Leaks have seeped through over the last few weeks, that October and November might not be as eventful as everyone had previously expected. Numerous factors are implicated, including delays and the intentional postponements of two significant announcements. As already heard more than once, Apple doesn't plan to debut its AR/VR headset for tactical reasons – shattering any hopes for a presentation of the device half a year before its suspected sales start. There was also a change of course for the Mac Pro – with the already developed Mac Pro M1 Ultra (or an even more powerful chip variant) not witnessing a presentation, contrary to expectations. Instead, Apple wants to delay the release of an Apple Silicon Mac Pro until the release of an M2 "Extreme" version – to differentiate the device from the Mac Studio better.

Third Apple Display On The Way – But Later
Now, the release of yet another product should wander a few months into the future. Ross Young, a typically very well-informed market expert with a specialty in all things concerning displays, has indicated that Apple will not present any new 27" Display this year. We'll have to wait until the first quarter of 2023, although this wasn't Apple's original plan. Young did not indicate whether the delays come from a lack of necessary components or whether other reasons are responsible for the change of plans. This summer, the device was still expected to be a likely candidate; however – according to Young, a combination of Chinese lockdowns this summer and a complete shutdown of Quanta's production have led to long delays.



Between The Studio Display & Pro Display XDR
The 27" model would have expanded the current lineup, consisting of only two models. In addition to the 2019 Pro Display XDR and the Studio Display released in March, there should eventually be another model of Apple's display. The expected display should possess the same display diagonal of 27" as the Mac Studio but be tiered slightly above the Studio Display as a sort of "Studio Display Pro". The device would lay between the specifications and quality of Apple's two currently available displays. A significant difference between the display in question and the current Studio Display would be the display technology used, as it's believed that Apple will use mini-LED for the new display whilst the Studio Display still relies on classic backlighting technology. Reports concerning a potentially cheaper display Apple's intention have since been wholly silenced – with no such product expected for the foreseeable future.

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