Wednesday, Jan 18, 2023, 12:28 Web

Report: Twitter Intentionally Blocking Third-Party Clients

There are many ways to browse Twitter, one rather convenient method to access the microblogging service being via an app. However, the app hasn't needed to come from in-house... Until now: Twitter browsers such as Twitterific and Tweetbot attempt to attract users by offering a simplified user interface and an increased capacity for individual configuration in the form of a third-party app. These apps found success in the past as Twitter continually failed to consider the implementation of select, user-wished functions. Recently, many third-party apps can no longer access the social media platform.

APIs Intentionally Blocked
Twitter users of unofficial clients had a less than savory experience over the past few days: Many third-party apps have begun to spit out error messages. It's now impossible to log in via popular providers such as Tweet bot, as Twitter has deactivated its application programming interface (API). Since then, uncertainty has reigned whilst the affected client services solicited Twitter for an explanation – which the company still refuses to provide. Initially, it seemed entirely possible that the matter could be the result of no more than a simple mistake. Meanwhile, this assumption has revealed itself to be false. According to a report from The Information, a leading Twitter engineer explained that the occurrence was intentional. Additionally, internal communications via Slack reveal that the microblogging service is currently contacting partners to discuss the matter of third-party apps. It's unclear when Twitter will have a resolution.



Twitter May Permanently Block API
Twitter still has yet to release a statement concerning the deactivation of the service's API. Whether or not clients will regain full function remains very doubtful. It's difficult for Twitter to monetize content accessed via Tweetbot and Co. – making a reversal of the API's removal unlikely. This occurrence comes as Twitter only recently caused an uproar following revelations that the company has failed to pay rent for business premises and failed to pay severance packages to previous employees.

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