Wednesday, Nov 24, 2021, 14:27 Software

Report – Windows 11 Coming To ARM Macs? Qualcomm-Microsoft Agreement Soon To End

Not all Mac owners use the devices' preinstalled macOS in all areas. Until recently, users also have generally had the ability to switch to Windows and would do so for various different reasons. For example, some frequently software – such as many games is only available on Window. However, users have no longer been able to rely on this feature when it comes to Apple's most recent ARM Macs. Although the necessary Windows-on-Mac "Boot Camp" software is still available on the devices, it can't be used. Windows 11 on ARM doesn't support Macs with Apple Silicon. Now, an interesting report has mentioned a few interesting details concerning the background of this matter.

Exclusive Deal Between Qualcomm & Microsoft
According to XDA, Qualcomm's to thank for the lack of support for Windows on ARM. The semiconductor manufacturer had a secret and exclusive contract with Microsoft. The report points to two parties familiar with the matter indicating that the deal may soon be over. The deal should end "soon", according to the sources. However, an exact date is still unknown.



Windows 11 Mac Release Questionable
One reason for the agreement between both US companies was the support that Qualcomm offered Microsoft with the development of Windows on ARM, according to XDA. Now, other chip manufacturers such as MediaTek are already working on ARM Windows prototypes. An end to the "secret" contract could also have broad reaching consequences for Mac users: it's possible that Microsoft could also make Windows 11 available for ARM Macs, meaning that Mac users would no longer have to resort to third party virtualization software such as Parallels. However, there are some reservations about this potentiality. For example, at the beginning of this year in September, Microsoft declared that Window 11 on ARM Macs would not be a "supported scenario" under any condition whatsoever – either per virtualization or other methods.

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