Monday, Jan 02, 2023, 16:47 iOS: Hardware

Report – iPad Pro (2024) With Larger Display & OLED?

Those considering whether or not to purchase an iPad likely have a few different factors that could be floating around in their head and influencing a decision: There can be considerable differences between the available tablets in terms of performance, price, and even function. Equally important is the size, with the lower end of the spectrum occupied by the iPad mini and its 8.3" large display, whilst the opposite end contains the iPad Pro and its significantly larger (12.9") screen. New reports now indicate that Apple might gift the next-gen iPad Pro an even larger panel – the rumored 14.1" version, however, no longer appears to be a focus in Cupertino.

iPad Pro With Larger Panels – But Not Until 2024
Currently, prospective customers of an iPad Pro have the option of choosing between a variant with an 11" display and one with a 12.9" one – with only the 1.9" model offering Mini-LED. According to a report from MacRumors, things may change in the coming year. Display expert Ross Young (whose past prognoses have come with a high success rate) claims that Apple is planning an 11.1" and 13" display for the 2024 iPad Pro. Since the change will be negligible at best, the device's size isn't likely to change much – however, Cupertino may still reduce the size of the display's corners a bit further. Furthermore, the company should can any differences between the devices' display technology by equipping both variants with OLED panels, as per Ross.



No iPad Pro 14.1"
It wouldn't be unconsiderable for Apple not to present any iPad Pro updates this year. The current-gen M2 version of the device released in October 2022 already possesses relatively few novelties compared to its predecessors. Young's prognosis may also be disappointing for those users hoping for an iPad Pro with an even larger display-diagonal. According to the display expert, not more than just a few days ago, Apple discontinued development for a rumored 14.1" model initially planned for a release in the first quarter of 2023.

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