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Rumor: New Apple Magic Mouse in 2022

Apple introduced the first Magic Mouse in October 2009 together with the then redesigned iMac - as a replacement for the Apple Mighty Mouse. Unlike the Mighty Mouse, which had a small "scroll ball" on top, the Magic Mouse's surface is a trackpad: the user scrolls by moving the finger. While the first-generation Magic Mouse was criticized for its ergonomics and lack of function keys, trackpad scrolling has major advantages.

In October 2015, Apple introduced a revised version - albeit with an almost identical design. But the Magic Mouse 2 has a permanently installed battery, while the first generation was powered by normal AA batteries. The Magic Mouse 2 can be charged through a Lightning connector on the bottom.

Charging of Magic Mouse 2 prevents use
Apple had to take a lot of criticism here: If the internal battery is empty, the Magic Mouse cannot be used during charging due to the positioning of the Lightning port. With the first Magic Mouse generation, the user did have to replace the AA batteries - but afterwards, the mouse was immediately ready for use again. If the customer forgot to charge the Magic Mouse 2, he had to stop working until the mouse had enough power again.



Charging via MagSafe.
iDropNews.com has now learned that Apple is currently working on a redesigned Magic Mouse that implements the company's current design trends. Prototypes are also said to exist that can be charged via induction using a MagSafe puck - but these still come in the design of the current Magic Mouse. MagSafe would not solve the problem that users cannot use the mouse during the charging process, but it would make charging easier.

Presentation in spring 2022?
In terms of design, the new Magic Mouse is said to be based on the design of the iPhone 13 and the current MacBook Pro. Here, we can probably expect Apple to choose an "edgier" design. It is still completely unclear when Apple plans to introduce the Magic Mouse 3. It is possible that Apple will introduce the next generation together with the upcoming, large iMac. Rumor has it that a presentation in spring 2022 is to be expected.

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