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Rumor: New Displays With Apple Chips In The Works – Being Developed By LG?

Apple has already left the external display market. After discontinuing its previous "Cinema" displays in 2016, the company announced that it would seek out third party displays. Initially, these came were produced by LG. However, it quickly became apparent that the new monitors were problematic and unreliable. As of April 2017, Apple changed courses again and announced a modular Mac Pro and its own in-house "Pro" displays. The fact that Apple got beaten up in the press due to an LG product not even stemming from Cupertino likely served as grounds for the u-turn. For almost two years now, Apple has remained an active member of the external display market, offering the Pro Display XDR, a product for the "high-end" market.

LG Developing Panel & Housing
According to multiple reports, Apple is considering expanding the model palette downwards. As per the leaker Dylandkt, Apple and LG are yet again putting their heads together – and this time, it's not for a solely LG display but an entirely new development. A combined total of three models should be present after the early development phase. The display dimensions will be 24", 27", and 32", just like the current iMacs and the Pro Display XDR. At least the largest variation will also come with its own in-house Apple chips. Dylandkt couldn't deliver any more information concerning the smaller displays, although he also stated that this didn't mean all variants couldn't receive some sort of "custom Silicon" chip.



Pro Display XDR – & At Least One Budget Model?
Dylandkt considers it almost certain that LG is developing the aforementioned displays directly for Apple and that the devices will thus carry the Apple logo. Regarding the time frame, he currently has no relevant information. However, the 32" variant should be an improved version of the current Pro Display XDR. Bloomberg also spoke about a potential expansion of Cupertino's current display portfolio at the beginning of this year. Accordingly, Apple could want to offer a slightly more affordable display within the price range of the average man (meaning: it wouldn't cost US$5,000). Previous reports from other sources have indicated that such a display could come with an A13 chip. However, it's unclear what the high computing power would be used for.

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