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Running macOS Ventura On Old Macs From 2007 To 2016 – Open Core Legacy Patcher 0.6

The release of macOS 13 Ventura made it clear that Apple is scrapping support for many of its previous Macs. Although it remains debatable exactly, whether a barely 7-year-old device from can be referred to as "old" or not, Apple clearly considers anything from 2016 and before to be yesterday's news. Cupertino will continue to publish security updates for macOS 12 Monterey and macOS 11 Big Sur, as Macs prior to 2017 are unable to make the switch to Ventura. A prominent example of one such device is the first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, which is now stuck with macOS 12. However, as the expression goes, "if there's a will, there's a way". For those hoping to enjoy the new software benefits provided by newer hardware, yet unwilling to purchase this hardware just to install macOS Ventura, OpenCore Legacy Patcher may have just the solution.

Putting A New OS-Spin On An Old Mac
The open-source project has been hard at work on finding ways to provide officially unsupported Macs with access to Apple's most recent versions of macOS since the release of macOS Big Sur. The matter is particularly challenging when it comes to macOS 13, as Apple has completely removed numerous older drivers. By installing the patcher, users can, however, restore compatibility. To this end, it was necessary for the developers to implement old network technologies, a method of graphics acceleration without Metal, ways to support old graphics cards, and to provide support for Apple's "Rapid Security Response".



Hardware Support Up Until 2008
The list of supported Macs is impressive, and Macs all the way back to 2007 can be found in the patcher's supported lineup. The oldest devices are the 2007 iMac 20" and 27", the 2008 MacBook Pro, and even the 2008 version of the Mac Pro. Whether it makes much sense or would even be that much fun, however, to install a system designed with much more potent hardware in mind on such an old device is questionable. Nevertheless, there's now an unofficial way to do so.

Not Everything Will Work
There are more in-depth details on the patcher's official GitHub page. The software's limitations are also listed – for example, Stage Manager doesn't work, AMFI ("Apple Mobile File Integrity") must be disabled, and users can expect roadblocks and errors when it comes to Bluetooth pairing. USB 1.1 also isn't supported, and users should make sure to examine the supported graphics cards section.

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