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Safari 15: Lots Of Crashing & Some Websites Not Loading – Countless Complaints From Users

When Apple released iOS and iPadOS 15 on the 20th of September, there still wasn't any news concerning the release of the next big macOS update. Most sources don't expect the update to arrive until at least the end of October or even the middle of November. However, there was at least an update to one aspect of macOS – Safari 15, which was released on the same day as the updates to Apple's "i" operating systems. This is similar to how Apple has handled such situations in the past when updates to iOS/iPadOS are ready to be released but macOS isn't, Cupertino has then provided an update to Safari for macOS as an accompanying appetizer before the release of the main course. The minimum requirements for Safari 15 are macOS Catalina 10.15 or macOS Big Sur 11 for M1 Macs.

A Large Number Of Error Reports In Forums
Over the last few days, many Mac users have taken to the forums to report technical problems with Safari. More than anything else, most users are complaining that Safari has become much less stable since the most recent update and crashes a lot more. Our editors were also able to confirm many of the bugs reported in the forums – particularly crashes when Safari is run in full-screen mode next to another application.



macOS Catalina Specific Issues
On macOS Catalina, there are even reports of numerous websites refusing to load. One such major website in the US is Walmart's. Either the browser will simply become blank and not display any content or displays an error message and then needs to be restarted. However, there are also problems with bookmarks and multiple issues with YouTube URLs causing immediate crashes.

Deactivating JavaScript – An Emergency Solution
At the moment, there's only one solution to Safari 15's current stability issues and that's deactivating Java. This is done by accessing the browser's "Preferences", clicking on the "Security Tab", and then ensuring that "Enable JavaScript" is not checked. However, this will negatively affect the features and functionality of many websites. For the most part, we'll simply have to wait until Apple releases a bug fix – and hopefully, we won't be left waiting too long.

New Features In Safari 15
The most visible change to the most recent version of Safari is the remodelling of the browser's tabs. The new tabs are capable of forming subgroups and will adapt to their website's color. However, many of the changes are quite controversial and the well-known blogger John Gruber only just recently expressed his frustration with the new design. Lastly, there's a new compact mode able to show more of a website at once, "https" is now finally Safari's default protocol, and there are several security improvements.

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