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Second Most Expensive Apple Acquisiton Ever? Talks To Purchase Reese Witherspoon's Media Company

Apple tends towards the safe side when it comes to acquisitions. Although Apple purchases plenty of small companies in order to acquire their patents or personnel, Cupertino very rarely pursues large acquisitions. This is in contrast with the company's direct competitor, Microsoft, known for its billion-dollar acquisitions over the years – whereas Apple is only known for two billion-dollar acquisitions, beats for 3 billion US$, and 1 billion US$ for Intel's modem department. The company's third billion-dollar acquisition may in fact be a media company, whose founder is none other than the famous actress Reese Witherspoon.

Witherspoon Produces for TV, Books, & Other Platforms
The aforementioned company, "Hello Sunshine", has been interested in a sale for several months – after having received offers from multiple parties. As mentioned in a Wall Street Journal report, Apple is one of these parties and is currently undergoing serious talks concerning an acquisition – within the scope of more than a billion US$. Apple is already familiar with Witherspoon, as the two companies cooperated for the production of "The Morning Show" for Apple TV+. Hello Sunshine was also responsible for the production of "Truth Be Told".



Still A Young Company
Witherspoon founded her company only five years ago but the company has quickly established an excellent track record within the short amount of time it has been active. The goal at the time of Hello Sunshine's founding was to produce content for TV, books, and other platforms – with women as a focus point. For Apple, the acquisition is a chance to better flesh out Apple TV+'s selection of content as well as to assign the production of current content to the highly acclaimed production company. Apple relies exclusively on in-house production and doesn't offer any third party content like other streaming services.

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