Friday, Apr 01, 2022, 16:36 Software

Short Report: Apple Maps With Real-Time Warnings +++ Angry Birds Classic Returns

Often times, new Apple services are really only fully released in the USA before eventually making their way over to other countries. The case is no different for Apple Maps, both the revision to the app's maps and charts and the 3D-"Look Around" feature made their debut in the immediate vicinity of the company's headquarters in Cupertino. Apple has now added an extra feature currently making its pilot in The United States. Accordingly, the Maps app will now display HAAS warnings – a system used by emergency vehicles to transmit information about dangerous situations on the road. By working together with Safety Cloud, Apple hopes to offer these safety warnings for its customers – and in real-time, with no delay between event and warning. The system will do more than just track and report accidents or blocked roadways, it will also notify users of traffic jams, construction, and other roadside disturbances.



Angry Birds Classic: Old Game, Old Price, New Engine
One time payment, no in-app purchases, no subscriptions, and only 99¢ – a price model reminiscent of the early days of the App Store. Although it soon became apparent that there wasn't much money to be made in 99¢ apps, except in the most successful cases, (due to the actual income after Apple's cut and taxes lying below 60¢ per purchase) this simple payment model dominated during the dawn of the App Store. Rovio, the developer of the famous "Angry Birds" app, has now taken a step back to the old payment model with a re-release of the first version of the successful app. "Angry Birds Classic" is now immediately available for purchase. The new edition of the infamous app that could be found on almost every iPhone 3G or 3GS back in the day comes with a new engine – however, Rovio has left everything else with the app the same, which is what led to the public's initial attraction to the classic, and in order to maximize nostalgia. Those who are subscribed to Apple's Arcade are not part of the target customer group – those individuals already have access to Angry Birds Reloaded, a version with more characters and extra levels. The reloaded version is also based very heavily on the 2009 version of Angry Birds – those who choose the "Classic" version over the reloaded one aren't actually getting any extra value beyond nostalgia. The original version existed untouched on the App Store for about 10 years, despite the presence of sequels, until it was eventually removed in 2019.

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