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Short: Return Of The Mask Mandate For Apple Stores – Apple's Big Production Studio In LA

Although the mask mandate is still nationally in effect in many countries in the EU such as Germany, other countries such as Great Britain and The United States have been a little bit more relaxed of late. However, in reaction to current reports of a new strain of the coronavirus, the delta strain, and rising infection rates – Apple is reinstating the mask mandate for its store employees. Cupertino isn't just obeying local measures, the tech company is going above and beyond to ensure the protection of both its employees and customers. As stated in a memo to retail employees, masks are yet again a requirement for all Apple Store employees – regardless of their vaccination status.

Reasoning Behind The Recent Reversal
In light of the new and highly contagious delta variant, Apple hopes to protect its employees and customers as much as possible – and more importantly, to set an example. Although there's no "official mask requirement", Apple is very clear in the memo about what kind of behavior it expects from its employees – thus, it's practically an unofficial order. If mouth/nose protection is required by law in the respective region, then employees obviously do not have any choice but to wear a mask. Previously, in June, Apple had dropped the mask requirement in countries and regions where it was no longer legally necessary.



Apple Wants To Purchase A Production Studio
Apple has its hands full trying to expand offers on and produce content for AppleTV+. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is looking to take on some large investments in Los Angeles. There are talks of purchasing more than 50,000 square feet of production space – it would be a bit like the AppleTV+ version of Apple Park. Up until now, Apple has relied on production partners and external studios to produce content for AppleTV+ who either do contract work for the company or supply Apple's own teams with the space for shooting.

This Has Been On The Way
It's been known for a while that Apple is looking to take on a more active role in the AppleTV+ production process and to create an "Apple Studios" of sorts. In fact, just a week or two ago, there were talks of Cupertino purchasing Reese Witherspoon's production company. Potential locations for the studio in Los Angeles are currently unknown. According to the report, there are multiple possible locations and no final decision has been made yet. However, Apple's choosing of Los Angeles as the site for its studio is clearly not a coincidence. Los Angeles is considered to be the Mecca of the film industry – which is one of the reasons that so many famous actors live in the area.

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