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Siri & iOS 15: Which Commands Can Be Executed Offline – & Commands Requiring WiFi Or Cellular

Whenever Apple releases a big new update, something almost always changes with Siri – and this time's no different. Sometimes the changes are as simple as a rework of Siri's interface and other times, Apple adds entirely new commands or features to the voice assistant. iOS 15 is no exception, and iPhone users will now be able to take full advantage of the voice assistant from the lock screen while also wearing an Apple Watch and Siri will also receive expanded functionality when it comes to HomeKit accessories. There will also be another innovation when it comes to offline use: according to Apple, certain Siri services can now be used without an internet connection for the first time. However, there will be some limitations.

Siri Offline – Soon
The ability to process commands without an internet connection has several advantages – for one, commands can be executed more quickly, and (of course) Siri can also be used without an internet connection. Additionally, when commands are processed directly on the device to which they are given, there's no interfacing with any cloud networks – meaning greater security for device users. It won't be possible for someone to gain access to who you told Siri to call simply due to a database breach, in order for someone to get access to that kind of information, they'd have to attain direct, physical access to your device. Come iOS 15, you won't have to separately activate offline commands – instead, certain commands will now automatically execute without the usage of internet, whilst others will still require a WiFi or cellular data connection.



Without Internet: Timer, Volume, Airplane Mode, & More
Siri will be able to open apps without the internet as well as set and change timers. Additionally, the voice assistant will be able to carry out various commands with regards to the System Settings, for example: activating or deactivating dark mode, changing the device volume, as well as enabling accessibility features and power-saving mode. Airplane mode will also be activatable and deactivatable per voice command without internet.

Many Commands Still Require Internet
Despite the recent innovations, there will still be quite a few commands that Siri won't be able to execute without an internet connection. In such an event the following message will be displayed:

Source: 9to5Mac

Commands that will require internet include, of course, current information concerning the weather, and HomeKit settings. Some specific actions and application-specific commands with respects to iMessage, FaceTime, and the Phone app also will require internet. One slightly annoying thing is that Siri won't be able to play podcasts or music per voice command without internet even when the content in question has been downloaded to the device. One exception to this is the playback of either the next or previous song in the queue of a playlist. However, since this is only how things are in the first beta of iOS 15, a lot's likely to change and hopefully we'll see more improvements and further expansion of Siri's offline features come the next beta and final release.

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