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Spring Loaded: What Apple Will Present And Discuss

Five years ago there was already an event with a Spring pun - while Apple held the "Spring Forward" event in March 2015, this time it is "Spring Loaded". The tech world had to wait a long time for that announcement since 2021 had so far been the quietest Apple year ever. While there is little hope of seeing the "big bang" in the coming week, it should still be an interesting presentation. In this report, we summarize once again which topics will most likely be discussed and what will probably only happen in the summer or fall.

The iPad Pro
If there's one product that will almost certainly appear at the event, it's the next generation iPad Pro. This is said to get an A14X chip, which is very similar to the M1. In addition, it will probably be the first Apple product with a display that uses mini-LEDs. Apple is supposedly planning to switch most model series to this type of backlight, but this could still take up to two years. As Bloomberg just reported, Apple is also affected by the chip shortage. Pronounced supply bottlenecks for the iPad Pro are therefore to be feared.

The AirTags
Some have already joked that Apple only scattered the many references to search tags in the system to fool the rumor world. However, the time has now really come for the April event. Apple's opening of the "Find my..." platform for third-party providers is considered an indication of the presentation - because Apple wants to avoid the criticism of disadvantaging other manufacturers.

Apple TV?
According to Jon Prosser, Apple has a new generation of the Apple TV ready, allegedly for quite some time. Certainly, this is not yet the rumored merger of the HomePod and Apple TV product categories, but Apple could come up with other innovations. A faster chip for more demanding apps/games, support for 120 Hz and a new remote control are among the probable improvements.

iMac with M1X?
It will probably not be a Mac-centric event, at most the presentation of the first iMac with in-house processors is to be expected. While the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro won't be mentioned until WWDC in June at the earliest, the iMac could face a significant update. Five months after the first M1 Macs, it would be the turn of the next model series. A few weeks ago, Apple had already greatly reduced the production of the iMac 21.5", which is usually a clear sign of innovations coming soon.



System updates
No one knows if Apple wanted to make the current beta phase so long or if this is a result of postponed hardware launches - but it remains certain that iOS 14.5 and macOS 11.3 will probably be released very soon. In all likelihood, they will be released either at the event or shortly before the iPad Pro goes on sale at the end of the week.

2021 products that won't be released before summer/fall
No hopes should be pinned on already getting a glimpse of the future of Pro Macs. Neither the MacBook Pro 16" nor the Mac Pro are considered realistic topics at the event. As it has been said several times in the past weeks, they are not expected until WWDC at the earliest, and depending on the situation on the chip market, possibly not until the fall.

Initiatives and social topics
A look at Apple's newsroom shows how many initiatives Apple launched or supported this year. Certainly, one of the reasons Apple is looking for talent in socially disadvantaged populations is also pure self-interest. At the same time, the company is increasingly making a name for itself as a corporation that is not only aiming for immediate profit maximization. It can be assumed that Apple's commitment will therefore also be discussed at the event - at least in the CEO's opening speech.

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