Friday, Sep 30, 2022, 13:01 iOS: Software

Stage Manager Coming For More iPads – But With Some Limitations

The advantage that fully fledged Windows and Mac computers have always had is only available in rudimentary form on the iPad: Although the tablet does offer various multitasking functions such as split view, slide over, and several others – there's still a lot of room left to improve when it comes to convenient usage of more than two apps on the traditionally much smaller touch screen implement. iPadOS 16.1, however, may bring an important improvement: The "Stage Manager" displays the active app in the foreground – whilst all other relevant applications are laid to the side, remaining quickly accessible when needed. As Apple now explains, the feature is now coming to more iPads than originally planned. Owners of older models will still need to accept a few gaps in function in comparison to those running Stage Manager on iOS 16.1 in an iPad with an M1 chip.

Apple Expands Support
One of the most elementary innovations in the upcoming iPadOS is Stage Manager. Due to this, Apple's announcement that the feature would be very limited in compatibility brought a great deal of disappointment to those not in possession of an iPad Pro or Air. The new operating function requires an M1 chip, meaning that only the owners of a 2022 iPad Pro or iPad Air would be able to appreciate the feature. Now, in a statement to Endgadget, Apple has declared that owners of the third or fourth generation iPad Pro have expressed active interest in Stage Manager – with the team at Apple working hard to implement it for the products.



Stage Manager For The iPad Pro (2018 Or Newer)
Concretely, this means that Stage Manager will work on all iterations of the iPad Pro (2018) with the A12X, as well as the iPad Pro (2020) with the A12Z chip. Other tablets, including the sixth generation iPad mini with A15 and the iPad Air with the A14 chip won't be able to run the feature due to memory limitations. Additionally, both of the previously mentioned generations of the iPad Pro will only support the feature in a limited capacity – Stage Manager won't work on an external monitor, such that only a maximum of four apps can be displayed on by the feature at once. According to Apple, the M1 processor's performance is what enabled support of multiple displays. However, development of the function continues to cause difficulties for Apple, and we won't see the feature for M1 tablets until a later update.

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