Wednesday, Jun 15, 2022, 14:28 Software

Stage Manager – Federighi Promises Improvements & Chats About Backgrounds

A good deal is normally still subject to change between the time of the first beta of a new operating system in summer and its final release in fall. Especially in the first few weeks, Apple often makes significant changes and some features are even subject to completely disappear, only to then reappear a few months later. This isn't likely in Stage Manager's case, although the feature will still likely receive several adjustments. As Apple's Senior VP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, promises – there will be some clear improvements over the course of the next few test builds.

Feedback As Expected
Thus far, Federighi is pleased by the current user feedback. There have been a great deal of suggestions from users, however, for the most part reactions have been entirely what was expected. The developer team hasn't received any surprising feedback, overall. Instead, there are a number of points on the road map that the team is focusing on tackling with the next few beta versions. Federighi refrained from mentioning specifically which portions of Stage Manager the team is currently working on.



Renewed Expression Of M1's Necessity
Apple's Senior VP of Software Engineering reiterated why Stage Manager requires an M1 iPad. During development, the team discovered that the extreme responsiveness of the normal iPad experience was not observable with Stage Manager run on iPads without an M1. Extra RAM and swap memory via quick I/O connection are necessary for frictionless function. There are even more limitations for previous iPads, because they are incompatible with 4K displays.

Stage Manager On macOS – Not A Main Feature
Federighi also touched upon Stage Manager for the Mac. Of course, there are many users who won't even bother with the feature on Mac – especially considering that it was really designed with the iPad in mind. According to Federighi, however, if even only 20% of Mac users who use the program are able to increase their productivity as a result, then the feature will have been a success. Older, non-M1 Macs will still be compatible with Stage Manager when it arrives with macOS Ventura this fall, the M1 requirement only applies to the iPad.

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