Sunday, Jan 17, 2021, 00:11 Mac: Hardware

Staingate: Affected MacBooks Only to Be Repaired by Apple

Numerous models of the 2015-2017 MacBook Pros contain displays which have lost their anti-reflective coating, leading to ugly marks on the display. Affected customers filed a class action lawsuit at the time, leading Apple to start the free repair program – which is still being offered today after multiple extensions.



MacBooks Need to Be Sent to Apple
Until now, devices which showed indications of the staingate error could be repaired by Apple or by one of their authorised service-providers (AASP). That's set to change now – in The United States at least. In a leaked internal memo passed on to MacRumors, Apple is seen to inform their AASPs that staingate devices must now be sent to Apple, in order to be repaired as part of the program. This ruling took effect as of this year on January 4th.

Repairs to Take Longer
Staingate affected devices can still be given to AASPs, but the providers will no longer receive the necessary parts to perform the repairs. Repair providers will now have to send staingate devices to a central Apple depot, where the repairs will take place. As a result of the double shipping, it'll naturally take a bit longer for customers to receive their repaired devices.

Other Conditions Remain Unchanged
Apple hasn't changed any of the program's other conditions. Amongst others, MacBooks such as the MacBook Retina (2017), MacBook Pro 13" (2017), and MacBook Pro 15" (2017) will still meet the program's criteria, as long as they were purchased within the last 4 years. Whether or not Apple's new ruling will also take effect in countries outside of The United States is currently unknown.

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