Monday, Sep 19, 2022, 16:36 iOS: Hardware

Starting 2023 – Apple's Product Plans For The Dynamic Island

As previously discussed, the best thing about the new iPhone 14 is not the updated camera module, instead it's the Dynamic Island. As the successor to the notch, the replacement convinces by doing no more than simply not being the notch (the tiny black recess seen in previous models). This means that Apple can now sensibly take advantage of what was previously wasted surface area. However, a quick look at the standard variations of the iPhone 14 without the "Pro" designation reveals a continuation of the previous concept – which Apple first presented in 2017 with the iPhone X. Just as it was then, Apple has again decided to release its most expansive changes with the top models first.

Apple Wants To Make The Change Quickly – Even With Standard Models
As previously reported, Apple should try to differentiate the Pro and standard lines of future iPhone generations, to draw more customers into reaching for the more expensive models. For this reason, it was almost certain that the 2023 iPhone won't see the Dynamic Island added to all models. Ross Young, known as a particularly accurate leaker focusing primarily on displays claims to have come across new information concerning Apple's plans. Accordingly, Apple intends to institute a complete switch from the notch to the Dynamic Island for all models – yet still with some significant disparity in the displays between the Pro and standard models.



Considerable Differences Still To Be Expected
Technologies such as LTPO or 120 Hz for more fluid depictions will only be for Pro variants, ProMotion and always-on for overlaying status information will also only be for Pro models moving forwards. The LTPO panel is one of the iPhone 14 Pro's newest features and allows the refresh rate to sink as low as one Hz, which is an important requirement for always-on's functionality in order to keep energy expense at a minimum (for the sake of the battery). However, even if the standard models' displays will continue to be significantly inferior to the Pro line's, the good news is that "Dynamic Island" is coming "for all", according to Ross Young's assessment of Apple's current planning.

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