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Steve Jobs' Birkenstocks Auction For Insane Price

For those who have not only a passion for historical Apple collector's items but also a fair amount of change to spare, the announcement that there's of a rather recent occurrence on Julien's Auctions likely comes as no surprise. The item in question isn't a historic Apple product, nor is it an important correspondence from the company's earlier days – rather, it's an entirely everyday object: A pair of shoes worn by Steve Jobs. The sales prognosis was somewhere between US$60,000 and US$80,000 for the shoes, but when the hammer fell and the items sold – the total sum amounted to US$218,750. The victorious offerer will receive a 360° NFT representation of the lightly used shoes alongside the physical item.

Modern Taste – Neither Shoes Nor Sandals
To fully understand the meaning of the aforementioned Birkenstock Sandals, we have to take a quick look at Steve Jobs' wardrobe and clothing habits. When he decided to even wear shoes – they were almost always brown sandals exactly like the shoes that had recently been auctioned. One of his many product visions in the 70s was designing a few sandals – although his engagement in the computer sector ultimately led to far more success. The now-auctioned Birkenstocks were, according to the tender, indeed worn by the Apple founder. Additionally, the shoes had already travelled through several other auctions – of course, as an exhibit and not as a piece of clothing worn by one of the visitors.



Steve Jobs' Daily Uniform

Jobs Happily Wore The Same Clothes Every Day
As per what his daughter, Crisann Brennan, once stated – Steve Jobs' uniform always included sandals. According to the man himself, the great thing about a personal "uniform" was the fact that its wearer never had to consider what to wear every day. Even in his later years, the Apple genius remained a big fan of wearing the same, basic style of clothes. Blue jeans and a black pullover turtleneck. The latter involves a few different stories – some telling of an initial 3-digit order in the 80s, with others telling of orders of over 25 turtlenecks per year until the Apple founder's death.

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