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Study: Macs Much Cheaper Than PCs On Average In The Long Run

A few years ago, IBM quite clearly expressed its experience switching from Windows-PCs to Macs. Although the Macs were more expensive to purchase, operating costs over the years were much lower in comparison to the previous Windows-only infrastructure – largely due to the high quality and longevity of Apple's products. A recent study has reiterated IBM's previous statement in the form of raw data, mentioning multiple factors in favor of the Mac. Thus, according to Forrester, savings per purchased Mac could even reach US$800 over a span of 3 years. Amongst the reasons listed are lower costs across the board for things ranging from setting up the devices all the way to technical support.

More Software – M1 Shuffles The Deck Again
Although the administrative and operating costs for owning a Mac have always been lower, their ability to be integrated into networks and automatic set-up has long since become much easier. Additionally, one of the earlier "cons" of the Mac (the fact that there wasn't much software, particularly business software available) has now been remedied, with almost all of the same business software once only available for PC now available on Mac as well. With respect to Apple's new M1 devices, numbers are even better because a base configuration M1 is now able to effortlessly accomplish many of the necessary business tasks that previously only the more expensive models of Macs were able to.



Security As A System Feature
The Mac has always been a more secure platform than Windows – offering a plethora of security features without the need for pricey 3rd party software (as was often the case for Windows systems up until recent improvements to Windows Defender which still don't elevate the security of Windows to the same parity as macOS). Security features such as Touch ID, FileVault 2, and GateKeeper also don't hinder the daily usage of the device. Generally, employees are much happier when using Macs than PCs, due to the relatively easy operation of the devices. However, the Mac doesn't just score points over Windows systems in terms of performance, but also when it comes to general pleasant usage. After all, it's much easier to concentrate without the sound of a loud fan droning in the background.

Second-Hand Market & Satisfaction
Additionally, the second-hand market also has to be taken into account. Whereas most Windows systems have lost almost their entire value after just 3 years, Macs are often still in quite a good condition only 3 years after purchase and are still frequently sold on the second-hand market or as refurbished devices. Thus, for the aforementioned reasons, the high initial price of commonly used Mac configurations only represent half of the reality – and over an extended period of time, the Mac's quality tends to result in a lower overall investment cost. Just take this article, for example – written on a late 2013 MacBook Pro.

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