Tuesday, Feb 02, 2021, 14:10 iOS: Software

Summary: iOS 14.5 Will Provide Lots Of New Features

Although there weren't any new features to be found, iOS 14.5 is an entirely new case – right after the beta version was released, we noticed numerous, often far-reaching improvements. Apple has gifted the iPhone world a massive update and according to predictions, it should be available for all users this March. In this article, we'll summarise some of the key-improvements, features, and changes to the software.

Face ID While Wearing A Mask
Anyone who has made a trip to the supermarket since the start of the pandemic, and possesses an iPhone with Face ID, is probably familiar with this problem. You want to unlock the smartphone without having to put in your passcode, but it can't recognize you with your mask on. iOS 14.5 is met with a rather practical solution to this problem, per request, Face ID will now be satisfied with a partial facial scan – when the user is wearing an unlocked Apple Watch connected to the phone and protected via PIN. The option is available for activation in "System Settings" under "Face ID & Passcode". If Face ID doesn't recognize a mask but an unfamiliar face, the unfamiliar face will still be denied access to the device.

The new, practical setting. Source: twitter user viticci

iPhone 12: 5G With Dual SIM Cards
The iPhone 12 with a normal SIM card has been underway in the world of 5G for a while now – although the electronic SIM hasn't been. As was already hinted at some time ago, Apple had planned to release 5G functionality for the eSIM via a software update. Now, iOS 14.5 allows the iPhone 12 to use 5G in dual-sim mode.

Controllers: PS5 Dual Sense And Xbox Series X
There's also another new feature that mobile-gamers should be happy about. iOS 14.5 supports the PS5 Dual Sense and Xbox Series X controllers. iOS games and titles from Apple Arcade will be immediately compatible with the new controllers once 14.5 is released.

A New Financial Health App?
For years now, Apple has offered several features with the intent of improving the user's health (or at the very least, allowing for the tracking thereof). Now, it appears as if a new "Health" feature has arrived! iOS 14.5 has a new framework called "FinHealth". It's not yet known what exactly Apple has planned for the new framework, although a few educated guesses can be made. Given the prefix "Fin", it's likely a financial tracking feature, meant to facilitate the "financial health" of the user in the same manner as the standard Health app. However, this feature is likely only directed at users owning an Apple Card.

Apple Card Family
There's still no word as to when the Apple Card might reach the EU, despite vague indications that it should "take place eventually". However, for US customers, Apple has already been tirelessly at work on improvements. As hinted at by iOS 14.5, it appears as if a new "family feature" with "multi-user support" is on the way. Strings buried deep within the system-code reveal individual limits per member as well as a combined collection of "daily cashback".



iPadOS 14.5: Horizontal Bootscreen
"And this was the moment the iPad became a laptop." Or at least, that's what one reddit user user had to say about the change to the orientation of the iPad's boot screen, which now also works in horizontal mode when the user has a keyboard connected to the iPad.

...And Even More Updates
In addition to a large number of new features, there are also quite a few detail and quality improvements to iOS with version 14.5. The Reminders app now contains new sorting options for entries, and the News/Podcast apps have been redesigned, and in the Updates section of the System Settings, there's a new and more detailed screen to inform you that your device is up to date:

Siri also possesses a new function, she can now call emergency services with the command, "Hey Siri, call emergency." Also, the icon displaying when the dictation feature is active has been reworked. It's also reported that Apple would like to allow Siri to edit contacts. iPadOS 14.5 now allows emojis to be searched for, a feature that's been present in iOS since version 14. Lastly, Apple plans to introduce new restrictions and warnings to app-tracking. The framework for it already exists and is simply waiting to be integrated.

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