Thursday, Nov 18, 2021, 15:05 Apple TV

Super Mario 64 – Developer Successfully Ports The Classic To Apple TV

As is already known, the Apple TV is capable of more than just playing films and music. Amongst other things, the Apple TV is also a game console with a large selection of games. However, the Apple TV has lacked one specific classic for some time – Super Mario 64, which wasn't available up until now. However, a developer named Christian Kosman has just successfully managed to port the original game from 1996 to the Apple TV.

Source Code Available For Super Mario 64 For Apple TV
Kosman's version of Super Mario 64 for the Apple TV is called "sm64ex.ios" and is based on the open-source n64decomp GitHub project used by other developers to create a web version of the game which is no longer available. Those hoping to take control of the mustached plumber on Cupertino's streaming box won't find Kosman's app on the App Store. They'll have to compile the game on the Mac themselves first. The source-code to do so is available on GitHub. Apple TV Super Mario 64 prospects will also need to enable developer mode on the Apple TV with the help of Xcode and to define the streaming box as the build target. Detailed instructions are provided by Christian Kosman here.



Project Runs Natively On Apple TV
After successfully compiling and transferring Super Mario 64 to the Apple TV, the game runs natively at up to 60 frames per second. The application doesn't rely on emulation software either, according to Christian Kosman who also uploaded a video of the port on Reddit. It's unknown whether or not Nintendo will take any action against the unofficial port, although it would be well within the company's jurisdiction to do so. The Japanese video game juggernaut still markets the 25 year old game in the "Super Mario 3D All Stars" collection for Nintendo Switch. Thus, there would be ample reason for the company to show interest in removing the Apple TV port from GitHub.

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