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Surverys Show Lack Of Hype For iOS 15 – "iPhone 13" Sounds Terrible

It's now been two weeks since Apple hosted this year's Worldwide Developer Conference – and as usual, Apple announced the next generation of operating systems at the event. In addition to the upcoming macOS Monterey, Apple also presented iOS/iPad OS 15 to the public for the very first time. In the meantime, SellCell has run a survey asking 3,000 iPhone users about their attitude towards the upcoming generation of iPad/iOS between the 10th and 15th of June – and the results are sobering.

Not Much Excitement
Of the 3,000 questioned individuals, only 20% were "extremely" or "very" excited for the updates. 28% were "somewhat" excited and over half of all participants were more or less ambivalent towards the updates – perhaps to be expected after the 15th release.



The Features Users Are Most Excited About
With respects to features, 23% were most excited about the improvements to the Wallet app, which can now also store the user's identification. Second place is held by the improvements to Spotlight with 17%, and then 14% are most excited for place 3 in the survey – the ability to locate devices after having been reset. The least number of users are excited for SharePlay (10%) and LiveText (9%).

What Users Would Have Wished For
It appears as if many users would have preferred different features entirely with iOS 15. 32% would have preferred more interactive widgets, 21% an "always-on" display feature, and 15% would have liked to see apps like Xcode and Final Cut on the iPad. 13% complained about the functionality of external displays on the iPad and would have liked to see improvements in this area with iOS 15.

The iPhone "13": A Poor Naming Choice?
For many superstitious individuals, the number "13" carries negative connotations (the medical term for the irrational fear of the number 13 is triskaidekaphobia). It's so bad that some hotels even avoid using the number "13" on the elevator, skipping it entirely. In the past, Apple has tended to ignore connotations the names of its devices might have for the public and stuck with the traditional naming standard. For example, prior to the release of the iPhone 4S, there were some jokes made about the name (the iPhone "for ass" – 4S), however, Apple still released the device under the "4S" moniker.

In the survey from SellCell, at least 18% of those asked did not like the name "iPhone 13". Interestingly enough, considerably more men (25%) than women (12%) were disturbed by the number.

What The Users Want For A Name
The majority of users (54%) would have preferred the iPhone 13 be named after its year of release (either iPhone 2021 or iPhone 21). 26% were in favour of the name "iPhone 13" and only 18% would have considered the name iPhone 12S to be acceptable.

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