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Survey: The iPhone – An Apple Gateway Drug? Other Apple Devices Popular with iPhone Owners

Apple's core tenets – safety, privacy, slick design, and performance capable hardware, are all reasons why a new customer might be drawn towards buying an Apple device. However, another reason is also the "Apple ecosystem", or set of features such as iCloud, wireless device synchronization, and screen sharing as well as countless other opportunities for interplay between devices (the ability to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch, for example). The more Apple devices one owns, the more opportunities at one's disposal to enhance the user experience with device interplay features. A new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) takes a look at how much the iPhone serves as a "gateway drug" for owners of multiple Apple devices and which devices are popular versus not so popular amongst iPhone users.

iPhone Frequently Paves Way To Apple Watch/AirPods Ownership
Do iPhone owners tend to own other Apple devices? In many cases – yes. However, there are some differences when it comes to product categories. CIRP surveyed 900 US Americans who purchased an iPhone between June 2020 - June 2021. 2/3rds of the surveyed iPhone owners owned a smartwatch, 3/4ths of whom owned a watch from Cupertino. Apple's AirPods were also quite popular with the iPhone public. 40% of the iPhone users owned a pair of wireless headphones, more than half of whom purchased theirs from Apple.



Ownership of other Apple devices amongst iPhone purchasers.
Source: CIRP

iPhone Customers Prefer Apple Mobile Devices
A rather exciting note for Apple – the statistics for tablet ownership. Almost 4/5 iPhone users own a tablet, with the iPad as a favorite amongst the group. The survey does also show that a number of iPhone users aren't necessarily more likely to own certain other devices. For example, many iPhone users own streaming devices other than the Apple TV, and the HomePod is only popular in select households amongst iPhone owners. Although 9/10 of the surveyed iPhone users also owned a computer, only 40% of them owned a Mac. One noteworthy component of the study – Apple products that are primarily designed for households (e.g. the Apple TV) were less popular amongst Apple users.

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