Wednesday, Dec 22, 2021, 19:18 Software

TSA To Begin Accepting Digital Personal ID Via Apple Wallet In February

This coming February should see a large step towards "the next big thing" in tech – even though it'll really only be thanks to a new feature in an already existing app. When Apple gave us all a first look at iOS 15 this summer, a portion of its presentation centered on the Apple Wallet. At the time, only items such as tickets or credit cards were able to be loaded up into the digital currency carrier. Official documents, however, were not. This should be due to change. Apple has navigated a way through the technical difficulties for the Wallet app to support the storing of personal identification and drivers' licenses.

TSA Cements Apple's Time Plan
After only a small clue was left on the Apple product page concerning the time plan for the new features, there's now an official statement. The statement is from the Transport Security Administration (TSA), an organization with which any airport frequenters in The United States are already more than acquainted. The TSA's digital identification pilot phase will begin in the first two US airports for the new Apple Wallet feature in February. As long as everything goes smoothly at the first two testing sites, the feature will expand to two more airports. Supposing there are absolutely no bumps in the round, this next phase could be followed by a nationwide introduction – although there are currently only seven states that allow digital identification.



Next Only For iPhone & Apple Watch
Thus far, Apple's initiative is the only such of its kind with official recognition. In the future, however, and once the technical details are finally fully fleshed out – there should also be other such compatible services. The general process that takes place at the airport should be more or less the same as it is with Apple Pay. The device user will simply hold their phone to an NFC reading device, where the information will undergo a comparison. At least during the trials, a TSA employee will be present to accompany the process. Unfortunately, there are currently no indications of the feature seeing adoptions in any counties other than The United States for now.

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